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<aside> ➡️ Every write-up consists of 255 words precisely. If you're in a hurry, I've highlighted some of the best ones. There are multiple genres too! Happy Reading!


<aside> ☺️ Success Metric: Inspired 7 people to write along. Thanks to Priya and Rohan for being the best mentors!


Day 1: Understood

Day 2: In denial

Day 3: Colors everywhere

Day 4: High

Day 5: Dichotomy

Day 6: Blame in frame

Day 7: Compounding

Day 8: Nostalgia

Day 9: Happy go lucky

Day 10: You're a brand

Day 11: Death

Day 12: Self Grooming is a Therapy

Day 13: Yaari

Day 14: We

Day 15: Paper notes

Day 16: I don't know what to write

Day 17: Voice

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